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Why do we have an open chair policy?

Far too many salons have the “ME | MY” mentality. The stylists somehow feel they own the client. First, let me say no one owns a client. Everyone is entitled and deserving of where they choose to go and who to see. HSA works as a team to service you as the client. Feel free to experience any stylist. Open chair policy is here to benefit you and your scheduling needs. Occasionally a consumer may want additional services or add ons, the entire team is here to serve you.

-Eric Charles Mokotoff | Owner of Hair Studio Artists

Taking off the winter bulk for a fresh new feeling with a classic bob.

Taking off the winter bulk for a fresh new feeling with a classic bob.


Dedicated to education we bring in hair models every week for advanced training of our hairdressers.


We have plenty of salon guests who love to see a variety of people for numerous reasons. They are invested in the salon not the individual. More importantly if a stylist moved away they would be comfortable in staying because they are trusting in the salon and its offerings. These offering for us are surrounded in education, great service, comfortable atmosphere, fair policy and an understanding temperament of “life happens” If your only point of contact is 1 stylist and things don’t work out you then have to find a new salon, a new stylist and its says either you never had a chance to interact and mingle with the salon or you were held captive by your stylist. As an owner and colorist, I love to see clients experience different chairs, I love to see them grow within the salon. Many times I get them started on their color only to have me recommend they see so and so next time as they get acquainted with the salon. This also helps when staff is out sick or on vacation that if they can’t get in before or after they have options. The most important thing is that the clients know they can and that they should never feel funny about going to another chair. In my 20+ yrs. I’ve seen far too many consumers embarrassed and insecure about going to someone else in the salon and then everyone losses. I’ve since this all over the country. The key is that everyone in the salon have the right skills and visions together as a group to benefit the consumer not themselves.

-Eric Charles Mokotoff

Ready to change you’re look and your life!

Ready to change you’re look and your life!


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